Bill Gates Made A Few And He Turned Out Just Fine!

Have you ever made a mistake? No, really. Have you gotten through life so far with perfection? Good! How boring would a life of flawlessness really be? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you be as strong as you are without some of the mistakes you’ve made?
  • Do you nowknow some things you’ve done before that you’ll NEVER do again?
  • Did you know that some of your mistakes often save you from TRUE catastrophe?

I want you to imagine, for a second, a choir with no sopranos and no altos. All bass!

Imagine, for a second, a choir with no bass and no altos. All sopranos! My point is this concert would be painful! What makes you appreciate the choir is the diversity…the dynamics…the range. Well the choir is no different than your life. Embrace its diversity. Understand its dynamics. Expand your range and “roadblocks” will soon begin to look like “stepping stones!!”

How lame would life be if everyday gave absolutely no challenge? What would you teach your children to beware of or prevent if you have not already gone though the fire? Have you ever met a child who grew up “privileged” and never struggled? They end up being adults who are “privileged” who cannot handle struggles.

Bill Gates didn’t say this, but something in his mug shot said to me, “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with mistakes, just don’t repeat them. “ #MugShot #Smirk #InsideMyHead

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  1. Bryan K. Preaster
    Bryan K. Preaster says:

    We learn from our mistakes…sometimes it’s important to have errors in the process, but too many of us think we can be productive without any bumps in the road…Not Likely!!!


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