Road To Redemption

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Bill Gates Made A Few And He Turned Out Just Fine!

Have you ever made a mistake? No, really. Have you gotten through life so far with perfection? Good! How boring would a life of flawlessness really be? Ask yourself the following questions:

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We Already Did It…Your Turn!

I once had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the legendary motivational speaker Les Brown and he said, “Sometimes you have to jump and grow your wings on the way down!”
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Everyday is Friday


Who are you living for?

In all honesty, I’m not sure I’ve felt this way about the death of a celebrity since Sept 13, 1996 (#2Pac:) Did I know the man personally? Nope! Was I ever in his presence physically? Nope! Did he even care who I was? Probably not. But as a TRUE FAN of the Late Great Sherman Hemsley aka George Jefferson, I had to share this thought. Read more

I Traded Slick Rick for Jim Rohn

Whenever I speak at seminars, one of the points I stress is “life is not always about BIG decisions you make, but a combination of small decisions that lead you exactly where you are today!” I am living proof, not once but at least 3 generations over: I’ll prove it to you….
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I entered…I lost…I learned…I WON!

I entered a speaking competition years ago.  I LOST,  and that led me to exactly where I am today.  With all the promoting, voting, and campaigning that went into “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker (NANGS) Competition, here’s what I learned…”I am NOT a Motivational Speaker” lol. No seriously, I’m really not. When I tell you the winner, my new friend and sister Felecia Scott deserves that title….she DESERVES that title. She is a rock star with a Speaking Voice like Gladys Knight and stage presence like Diana Ross (like how I picked old school legends don’t you:)? Part of me was glad I didn’t have to face her in the finals. But then part of me was like, “Brian they could have at least ADVANCED you to the finals lol.

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