New York

I’m not really sure where this pic was taken, but I just wanted to take some time to shout out to one of my favorite cities….NNNNNEWWWW YOOOORRRKKKK!!

I am a “GA Boy” born and raised, but come one now…tell the truth. When Alicia Keys and Jay-Z came together to sing “Frrrroommmm Newwwww Yooorrrrkkkkk…concrete jungle where dddrreaammsss are made ooffffff…..there’s nothing you can’t ddddddooooo….” Don’t act like you can’t feel itJ!!! You may mentally translate it to your own hometown, but screaming “Clllleeeevveeelannndd or Deeeetttrrrooiittttt where dreams are made of” just isn’t the same lol.

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Why Pay For Things That Are Free?

Two quick questions: #1) Do you remember Lil Kim? That’s her on the right!
#2) What was wrong with Lil Kim? That’s also her on the left! Why do beautiful women make things WORSE in an attempt to make things “better.”

Repeat after me…Ok that may be a bit much, but pay attention:

1) You are unique!

2) You cannot be duplicated!

3) You are Queens of the universe!

4) You represent our origin! (Nothing exist without Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Aunts)

5) Even your imperfections are perfect!

So why are you altering the essence of who you are by spending money to fit society’s ideas of beauty? Who created those definitions anyway? In fact, who wrote that book? Let me guess, “People? Vogue? Vanity Fair?” Don’t get me wrong. Being obsessive about working out is one thing; but the result of that discipline is just as internal.   “Paying” for your results may bring the external “oohhhs and ahhhhs,” but that’s like putting a Band Aid on an open artery. It stops absolutely nothing! #iamBB #PaysReplay #SuchisLife

Pure Innocence

I personally do not think that “evil” people, “bad” people, or “mean” people are born. As adults we are a combination of the experiences, circumstances, relationships, and environments that we subject ourselves to.

The good news is even if you fall victim to a poor family lineage….even if you have fallen prey to excuses from your past…even if you have previously experienced a failed marriage or relationship. Welcome yourself to the club, but are you still whinning about it? Babies whine for 1 of 4 reasons: “Change me, feed me, burp me, sleep me!” Anything other than that is an opportunity to learn and advance!

Take a look at these babies and ask yourself:

  • “Is there anything they believe they cannot do?”
  • “Is there a race in the world that they hate right now?”
  • “Do they even know how to “pre-judge?”
  • “Is there anyone they are jealous of?”
  • “How big could their egos possibly be?”
  • “Do they emit anything but love?”


Do you know what the truth is, this was YOU at one point!! #GetBackToIt  #SuchIsLife



I don’t know much about the Periodic Table of Elements, but this is what I know for sure….H20 is water. This earth is mainly H20. We are mainly H20!! I have an admission though, for yyyyeeaaarrsss I could have cared less how much H2O I drank.

Water? Man, growing up it was all about Kool-Aid. The sweeter the better.  Is that a new flavor? I was first in line. Trust me, you couldn’t make it like me. In fact, move over because it took my special spoon to stir it up.  It got worse.  Once I got a job at the local record store, I had a few extra dollars so it was time to upgrade. I should have bought stock in Hawaiian Punch! Then it hit me…

12am + home alone + no one to call + KIDNEY STONE = 911!! If you would have told me that years and years of a lack of water would hospitalize me, I would have traded in my sugar & high fructose corn syrup years ago! Within 2 minutes, the EMT tells me that he believes it’s a kidney stone as they lift me up on a gurney.   I didn’t even know what a kidney stone was until it “passed.” I’ll spare you the details lol.

The bottom line is something as small as a “grain of salt” (aka calcification) gave me the equivalent of “male labor pains.”  On the surface, you may think I’m encouraging you to drink water. Well I am. Hell, it’s the New Year so I’m sharing a “resolution.” I also need you to look a little deeper.

Every decision you make, or choose not to make, catches up with you eventually. It’s only a matter of time. It’s easy to “drink water.” The problem is it’s easier “NOT to drink water!”   Most of the circumstances you are unhappy with are the sum total of small decisions you are neglecting to reconcile.   Remember, H20 is water and water keeps you alive. Add ONE MORE oxygen atom, and you have H2O2 which is peroxide. Now you can clean an open wound. Add one more hydrogen atom and you have H3O, which is TOXIC! You can’t drink that AT ALL. Ok, so maybe I do know a little something about the Periodic Table lol.

But this I know for sure! The year is young and you need to ask yourself 2 basic questions: “What are you neglecting? Then ask yourself, “Are you prepared for the consequence?” #DeeperThanWater #StopTheNeglect #SuchIsLife