Freedom of Choice (Kevin Hart & JZ Flying High)

You ever double book yourself for an appointment?  You ever wish you had the ability to split yourself in half so you could be in 2 places at the same time?  Impossible right?  Yes, impossible from a literal sense, but not “improbable.”  #ThisIsAmerica

Do you realize that with the right vision, the right work ethic and the right team….”ANYTHING IS POSSSSSIIIBLLEEE” #InMyKevinGarnettChampionshipVoice   This Kevin Hart, JZ experience is NOT about “flossing in a private jet.”  This video is NOT about creating jealousy or envy.  This video is not about you responding “lucky for them or it must be nice.”

It’s about the freedoms, choices, and options that working hard eventually gives you.  It’s also about the power and importance of having a circle around you who can do the same things.  It’s about surrounding yourself with people who are willing to share the same things unselfishly!  It’s about working hard today so that the abundance and rewards present themselves tomorrow!  It’s about taking that new sense of abundance, then expanding the love from your children, spouse, and family members even more.  #$50KtoGraduation

The challenge is “flying coach” forces you to adhere to someone else’s schedule, plan, and ultimately their dream.  Imagine being able to go where you want, with who you want, whenever you want.  You can! The truth is you already have the fuel, the wings, the engine, and the destination.  You already own a “private jet!”   The final step is for the pilot  (you) to finish your “life lessons” so you can FLY!!  In this country, you are literally 4 hours or less from anywhere you want to go; but one word of advice:  You can’t “fly private” if you are still hanging with people who ask for “gas money” when you hop in their car!

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  1. Robert E. Plant, II
    Robert E. Plant, II says:

    Excellent typology, BB! It’s about being IN CONTROL of your situation and TAKING THE INITIATIVE to get there and stay there; also, KNOWING that you DON’T HAVE TO GO IT ALONE is a MAJOR PLUS!

  2. Jamal Flono
    Jamal Flono says:

    When I first heard this I literally thought the same thing. You did a great job of putting the correct words to it to give some clarity to the vision. Please continue to share your view points so we all can see what you see as well as how you see it.

  3. Ambreca Butler
    Ambreca Butler says:

    I’m just getting started and I can see my future changing an Extra Digit at a time. Stay humble and thanks for sharing!


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