I entered…I lost…I learned…I WON!

I entered a speaking competition years ago.  I LOST,  and that led me to exactly where I am today.  With all the promoting, voting, and campaigning that went into “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker (NANGS) Competition, here’s what I learned…”I am NOT a Motivational Speaker” lol. No seriously, I’m really not. When I tell you the winner, my new friend and sister Felecia Scott deserves that title….she DESERVES that title. She is a rock star with a Speaking Voice like Gladys Knight and stage presence like Diana Ross (like how I picked old school legends don’t you:)? Part of me was glad I didn’t have to face her in the finals. But then part of me was like, “Brian they could have at least ADVANCED you to the finals lol.

Here’s the reality, for those who have seen the video, I cannot say that I agree with all of the judges’ comments. I mean there’s only so much you can do in 3 minutes, but I DO agree that I entertain. lol I guess that’s just my style, that’s “who I am:)” Not an entertainer in the literal sense (unless were are talking “Nick Negatory” or “The Good Rev. Dr. Deacon Elevation” here), but an entertainer in that I want to do more than just educate and inspire. I want you to be educated and inspired without even knowing or realizing it. So after I calmed all my friends (and Lord my mother lol) down after I got cut from the “Top 10” I had a moment to reflect. Here’s what I came up with: “Brian you are a TRAINER who just happens to motivate.” Now if this competition was called “North America’s Next Greatest Trainer”….WATCHOUT Ms. Scott lol But it wasn’t;) People can say all they want…yes it was a women’s contest and (maybe) a long shot for a man to win. Yes, it’s tough to “get it all in” in 3 minutes. No, every judge/audience member is not going to like your particular style, but this is why it’s called a competition lol.

Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!! All 10 of the semi-finalists turned out to be some of the best PEOPLE I’ve ever interacted with in such an environment. In fact, some of us have talked or emailed every day since lol. And by the way, having Ken Kragen say, “Brian you are a star” when he’s known for managing icons like Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers is not too shabby either! (Slight pat on my back lol;) But the competition ended up being wwayyy more than just winning or losing. It turned out to be more about reality and relationships. How can I teach those who believe in me to “take chances” while I sit and watch a competition in my chosen field from the sidelines? I couldn’t let that happen. But I will tell you this, one HELLUVA TRAINING will come out of it!  And that, my friend’s, is what I do: TRAIN!

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  1. Tarence Hill
    Tarence Hill says:

    I remember seeing part of this competition and you were on point. As a matter of fact, you inspired and educated me which made me move. I learned a valuable life lesson… “Take a Chance”
    Thanks for all you do for us up and coming trainers, speakers, and etc


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